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Do you think they have enough paper towels leftover in Puerto Rico from Trump's last visit to handle this one, or should he go back and toss them a few more rolls?

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One at a time please.

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You just don't appreciate fractals

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Is sex weird when you lucid dream too? I've had regular sex dreams that are good, but when I'm aware that I'm dreaming there's always some sort of really weird sensation

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I'm telling you, whenever I lucid dream and try to have sex it feels like I'm euther pushing ny dick into rubber or its grainy or some other weirdness. If Im not aware Im5dreaming it feels perfectly normal.

But maybe I just suck at lucid dreaming, I've never been able to do it on purpose... And I've heard all the tips and tricks. Sometimes I just happened to "figure out" that I'm dreaming.

I can fly too, but when I take off I go waaaaay too high up ibto the sky and although I can eventually level it out and gain more control, I also hit the ground hard and tunble when I land. I can never fly exactly where I want to either, Im always off by like 20 feet.