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One thing that really disappointed me about the newest Star Wars movie is that the Star Destroyers were simply too clean. They looked like plastic models instead of battleships that had been in use.

After you came up with your designs, were you in charge of painting them or did others do the finishing detail work?

Thanks for making my childhood a much richer experience!

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Holy cow! We need this to be in book form!

Fred, the lowly ship cleaner. Tasked with swabbing the deck of a space dreadnought. Watching in agony as people shoot lasers and drop bombs on it, knowing that he'll have to get back to scrubbing in the morning.

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He should have answered my question about the mentally challenged commercial break intros.

Why do you have to give up what is going to happen? Why not just let us find out when the show gets there?!?

The producer that does this is a jerk.

"And after the break, this is exactly what you will see!"

Two minutes of commercials later, and here is Tory saying, "I really wonder what is going to happen?"

Well, I'd be curious, too except the producers are idiots!

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How much does upper management make there?

I know over here some PETA folks make a ton of money.

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How often does Conan change jokes in front of the camera? Have you ever written a joke and been surprised when Conan took it and ran? Best time it happened?