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When did this happen?! Oh man, how did I miss that?

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I learned what I do know about pangolins from watching the Wild Kratts episode with my sons.

Have you seen that episode and did you like it?

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Is it frustrating when you point out an obvious mistake/flaw/bug/QoL issue and the Devs or coders ignore your feedback and the game publishes with the flaw?

Have you ever tested a game that was so frakked, you told them to scrap it and start over?

Have you ever been pressured to ignore or overlook clear problems with a game by your bosses or the games designers?

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Hi Mr. Busey! Big fan of you and your son. I really enjoyed The Buddy Holly Story, my question is, do you own a pair of the glasses from that movie?

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Be sure to make it at least 3 times as big as the model.