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I've asked this same question before, but I can't seem to find an answer.

It's difficult for me to understand why/how transgender individuals don't feel comfortable living with the sex they were born with.

I mean, does being a female mean more than having female sex organs (and same for male)? Perhaps i need to ask myself more existential questions, but I can genuinely say I feel like a woman because of the sex organs i was born with--if i was born with a penis, i think I'd feel like a man.

It's easier for me to relate to the LGB community, because i think you can't help how you feel-you love who you love.

If you could provide some insight that'd be nice. I don't have any friends/family that i know of who are transgender, so i really have no perspective from the other side.

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What's the upkeep like with solar panels? Is it expensive? Are they prone to damage? Expensive to replace? Need to be replaced frequently? Any other info you can throw in is welcome!

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what kind of government is in place now? does the military still have most of the power? what would you like to see happen between now and 10 years from now?