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So I just need to learn to write good.

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M very good friend a month ago broke his neck between the c6 and c7. It did not severe the cord and he has limited mobility of his arms, but still nothing below. He has gone through 3 surgeries and there is still a lot of swelling and they haven't ruled anything out.

The crazy thing is he doesn't know how it happened. He woke up face down between the couch and end table in his boxer shorts. They don't know if he fell sleep walking or what. He had thought he had a stroke and it wasn't until they got to the hospital that they found he broke his neck.

My question, is what advice would you give him. He is optimistic that he will make a full recovery, and the doctors haven't ruled that out, but there is a good chance he wont. Do you just be optimistic as possible and deal with the setback when they come?

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After he is released? Take care of the problem while he is still on the inside.

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You should try snorting it next time.

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This is off to a great start!!