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This rule brought to you by KL4805, PA1736, and LPA... and by the number 583.

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Perhaps you could elaborate on a couple of them instead of just repeating the 'Buy the book' mantra. If this greyrocking is your publicist's idea, fire the incompetent numpty.

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16 minutes. I was curious.

The only way to sit through the US episodes at all is to download them and skip like mad with VLC. No commercials in the torrents, then remove the promos, intros, outros, teases, and repeats, and you've got about 16 minutes. That drops to 12 when you remove the worst of the bullshit emotional nonsense.

Instead of being a show about figuring our why a restaurant is failing and fixing it, KN-US is a terribly formulaic, emotional passion play, complete with a gentle knocking-down, a realisation, and the redemption, plus stupid, contrived nonsense measures for comic relief. I gave up on it.

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Scammer's a scammer. Everyone knows going in what a casino is there to do and that the odds are heavily stacked in its favour. The only one not gambling is the casino.

But the sense of entitlement combined with how blatantly transparent and pathetic the outright lying and deception often are is what I expect /u/MrPine5 and others are referring to. You did something stupid, intentionally, and demand compensation for it. And as /u/TheBrokenSwagger writes, you'll get it at the casino. Because.

I disagree with a number of my employer's policies, too, but I follow them.

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"Potato bugs": DC/Maryland, parents (children during WWII) originally from NY/NJ/PA region, both lived in late teens in Midwest. I don't recall ever seeing or hearing any mention of them in any other town or country I've lived in.