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The Main trigger was losing a job and girlfriend. Becoming isolated.

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Vulnerable people are targeted by conspiracy videos.

But the rhetoric of the Q posts were militaristic. So maybe slightly different audiences.

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When I woke up watching out-right fascist videos after letting my YouTube auto-play.

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I think it's to explain the truth about the motivations of a lot of these grifters and political propagandists. As well as our psychological weaknesses that can be preyed on.

But the truth can be boring, so I tried to jazz it up a bit but stay accurate.

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a conspiracy documentary feel to it. But honestly you seem to have enough critical thought that it makes it hard for me to believe you fell for Qanon BS. I am going to assume you were one of those that said they have done their research and know the truth at some point. How would you convince someone with this same mentally that they

That's a great point and it's something I want to cover in my next video... My mum was a nurse in the NHS but ended up thinking vaccines were evil. These things can take anybody. I had a good job in an office but I was in such a bad mental place and was fearful of confronting reality.