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How many times have you watched the film in its entirety?

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In Mr Cameron's recent speech to the UN one issue he raised was those who challenge the official line on events can be considered non-violent extremists and are a dangerous threat.

Given the many years that it took for the truth behind the events such as the Hillsborough disaster, the miners strike, no WMDs, Bloody Sunday etc. to come out, a long period where the country was governed by both the Labour and Conservative party, I ask what are your views and/or the views of the Labour Party generally on the right of society to challenge the official response? Especially when there is compelling evidence that contradicts the official response.

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Thanks, judgement says it all. Tldr: drunk dumb fuckwit is lucky he isn't facing a much longer sentence.

6ft 3in ex us military special forces, drunk(drinking for approx 6 hrs), stands in highway to flag down a taxi, forces a taxi to stop. Enters taxi with drunk/sick girlfriend and gives a destination. 5ft 5in taxi driver refuses and asks them to leave, drunk starts argument, driver leaves car drunk throws drivers phone in sea then assaults driver and throws driver in a fountain.

Drunk thinks he can bullshit the courts in a former British colony without realising that virtually all legal systems in the world are based on the British legal system.

As the court said, the OP is not CREDIBLE

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Hi Shannon,

Long time fan, a few quick questions.

It's good to see a Kung fu master/vigilante (for those old enough to remember the arcades!) type game featuring such an iconic hero and role model, I hope he will continue to inspire new generations for years to come.

Bruce lee never had justice done in video games during the 80s & 90s often just clone characters, I assume that was due to licensing issues? Are any other games in development?

With the advancement of in CGI in movies, do you ever envisage that we may one day see a digital version of your father in a movie in the future?

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Do you ever hear a piece of violin music in an old film that piques your pallet, and you must then see if you can play it as good, if not better?