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FamilyCourtquestion9 karma

Hi Mr. Eisinger,

Thanks for this opportunity. Are you familiar at all with the private corporation, "AFCC, Inc." currently operating some family courts? Local and federal authorities have ignored the AFCC, Inc. no-bid contracts and the collusion members, owners, directors etc. of the corporation say is not collusion, but "collaboration". In our state, a small cluster of co-owners of the corporation have monopolized cases for so long, even though legislators are referring to what they're doing in the courts as "racketeering", the system they've set up for themselves is now, like the other systems is now "too big to fail".

Is anyone in authority anywhere willing and able to draw the line so future cases aren't caught in their web?

One journalist took the time to document AFCC, Inc. activities in Connecticut, posted the information in several articles and nothing changed. Any insight as to why a private corporation was allowed into the judicial system in the first place and why it's allowed to stay?