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Where in Alaska? Currently in Juneau here.

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Hi Dr. Sara.

Is there any resources for husbands, men helping to support their wives coping with GAD and depression? Other than therapy. Is there a "how to" at home cognitive therapy?
Its like a song is stuck in her head and it just keeps looping. How do you support a SO without pointing out their compulsive rituals and making them feel bad? She is so in her own head. Its like tunnel vision. I am lost in a relationship with anxiety not together in a relationship with each other. Is there any resources for me? Thank you!

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Thank you for your insightful response. Keeping the news outlets limited to an hour of evening news updates is the compromise we landed on.

Like many with B.O. her delusions are of the grandiose. Its always the bigger problems and never about the day-to-day struggles. "The rainforest are dying, The earth is in trouble, humans are evolving, society is changing" its never delusions of a dangerous kind. However once a thought takes root. (Say the corna virus) it becomes all consuming. I've heard if you can squash the obsession before it gets out of hand, before it becomes the singular thing driving her the better. Once a delusions takes hold its harder to shake her free of it.

Again thank you for all you do to help people. Wishing you the very best moving forward.

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B.P. S.O. here. How do I squash delusions that develop from covid news before the delusions take over?
Her bipolar starts to run away with "The world is forever changing, this is the dawn of a new Era!" Type stuff.

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Do you think she saw this Amaa? If so do you think she knows its about her? Will you please update if she contacts you as a result of this post?