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How often does this type of shit happen? Would it be fair to say that it is because of your area? How many lawsuits have you faced?

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So this means that most of the lawsuits are pretty pointless because those people don't know about what their doing and are trying to make a quick buck off of a working man. Sickening, best of luck to you good sir, I hope your business prospers and you continue to fight those lawsuits off!

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Are there any plans to increase the difficulty? I'd personally like to see the implants done away with in favor of something more immersive that isn't basically, "oh, you did a quest and now you can walk around and breathe radiation like a champ."

Maybe a hazmat suit, a diving suit, etc. etc. would be more appropriate?

Any plans to make it so we can create colonies on worlds without oxygen and have blocks that enable oxygen to be produced inside a building and be contained by airlocks or shield generators?