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Falcrack16 karma

Will we be able to sit down in a copilot seat for larger ships, and from there possibly be able to control individual drones and/or turrets?

Falcrack15 karma

Will there be any changes to crew leveling so that getting higher level pilots does not take such a frustratingly long time, and/or potentially allow us to choose the pilot skill level for a higher fee?

Falcrack13 karma

I don't think you should keep the Boron out just because you can't figure out how to easily make water filled ships. Boron should, IMO, simply move around in floating water-filled encounter suits, on their own ships or other ships. No need to overcomplicate this!

Falcrack11 karma

Will there be any rebalance of existing weapon speed and ranges? I feel projectile speed and ranges, especially for capital class weapons like plasma weapons, are far too low, and capital ships with AI pathfinding struggle to get into range to use them, and when they do, the plasma bolt speeds are so slow that they suffer from terrible inaccuracy, even against very large, stationary targets.

Falcrack11 karma

Can you provide details of the planned changes for the research system in 3.0?