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Not OP but I was the producer of a documentary series about wildlife rehabilitation. I wouldn't say it's common but it definitely happens.

The rehab I worked with gets birds (including owls) and fawns and foxes and raccoons every year that people thought would make good pets. They don't.

I suspect most people don't know about imprinting, and baby birds have to be fed around the clock so there is lots of exposure to humans. Professional rehabbers wear masks and don't talk around nestlings. Even then imprinting can happen. Smart, curious birds like jays, magpies, crows and ravens seem to get into more trouble than most - though I do know a pesky imprinted pigeon as well.

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How did local news change in the time you worked on it?

I was a reporter 2004-2008. It was just the beginning of social media. I had to file one story and one promo a day (basically a 30-45 second look-live on the days’ story.) From what I can tell looking from the outside, nowadays reporters have to file a pak, a promo, an online piece and live tweet all day. It must be exhausting!

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Sure, dawg.

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Hard to guarantee a quick kill. The meds are often two doses. First a sedative and the second does the deed. I have never seen somebody shoot a captive tiger but I imagine they have to immobilize it somehow first or risk a grazing shot, wounding the tiger and causing unnecessary suffering.