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Are you in Russia or some place that Putin has influence or outside the country?

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Same for Mike Myers, his brother in the RAF has the call-sign Obi-Have.

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More generally, stopping Isis in the long term requires removing the conditions that allowed it to rise in the first place.

I think that's almost a rule of the Universe. Looking back on how the Bush administration organized the "peace" in Iraq along sectarian lines and didn't provide jobs for the large military seems like a recipe for creating blowback. Isis wasn't a surprise to me or critics of Bush policies -- it was inevitable.

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Some people are concerned that as NPR and Public Radio in general have been forced to seek sponsors after government funding has been cut, are now influenced by those sponsors. We used to hear in-depth reports about ADM, DuPont and Monsanto -- and now they are donors and we don't hear those reports.

How can NPR be dependent on the kindness of strangers and not warn us about those strangers?

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WE are TOLD that Medicare 4 All will cost more and have worse outcomes -- but everybody doing it spends less than we do.

Seems like those that make the money are paying for the lip service.