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Hey that's very cool.

Question: I'm looking too become a data journalist myself. I have experience as a newspaper reporter and photographer, and a background in math data analysis with excel, python and SQL.

What do I need to do to show companies that I am the right reporter for the job? I don't have an extensive data journalist portfolio. Should I create a GitHub and upload some simple analysis to showcase my talents?

How did you get into data journalism?

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Hey Dr. Crandall,

I'm a data analyst interested in creating some data visualizations on forest fires.

What are some good data sources to look at? What are some interesting trends I should be investigating?

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What do you think needs to change? New laws from Congress on animal welfare? New guidance from the executive?

Who is pressuring inspectors to "look the other way?" Are businesses leaning on politicians who lean on the animal welfare department? Does animal welfare need more independence from political interference?

It sounds like you do amazing work!

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Do you have any tips for how to overcome stress and anxiety and focus on doing your work in stressful situations?

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That's lit. Thanks sandpine.