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Hi Nick! My Dad is also into woodworking and has his basement dedicated to it. What's the perfect present for a man of his skills? Any suggestions would be great, as every holiday I struggle to surprise him with something new for it. Thanks!

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Hi Daniel,

What would you imagine the backstory for the Wet/Sticky Bandits to be? And if they were to make another heist, what would their new monikor be?

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Hi Nancy! How did you first hear about the Steubenville case and what made you decide to tackle such a daunting documentary? I imagine that there would be a lot of hostile interviews from some of the locals. Thanks for bringing this story to light, as I'd never heard about it before.

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Hi Mr. Singer,

My Fiancee tries to have cash to give to the homeless on the street. Would she be better off donating said money to a charity that assists them than to give them money? If so, which ones would be most effective?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Ray!

Loved you in Rome! Can you tell us a little bit about your experience working on such a great show? Any fun behind the scenes moments? I've managed to get my family to watch the show by having them watch your big moment in the gladiator arena in season one and getting them hooked. Please tell my wife to check out the show, as she has not seen it yet!

Thanks for doing this AMA!