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Do you find it difficult to provide unique renders in each of the games when many of them do involve similar or the same weapons?

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Thank you for both answers you've provided.

And my apologies on the incorrect terminology used in both questions, and please know it was not meant as any disrespect towards your art\trade.

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This is one of the best things I have read, and honestly most comforting, regarding bullying. I understand the sensationalist media looks to exaggerate situations, but sometimes it's comforting to read that when dealt with properly, social media will provide a useful part of a kids life.

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I love you.


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Shane - Thank you for bringing journalistic integrity back to the field. I was losing hope until VICE was announced and launched, and since then, feel like it is going to change for the better.

Question: In your opinion, what could the major networks start doing to start delivering integrity driven news to the masses?