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This is the funniest thing I've seen today. Good God.

Mike definitely says "WTF" on live television at 2:18

$36 fucking dollars for a plastic coated paper bag...

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Bitumen spills happen occasionally up here in Alberta. They are cleaned up without much issue.

I think some of the debate is regarding benzene, a dilutant added to bitumen to make it flow through pipelines easier. If a buried pipeline leaks than the benzene can't escape into the atmosphere and enters the soil. This is more difficult to clean up than simple oil.

EDIT: Read /u/cptcitrus comment below.

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As a Canadian from the woods, I'd say that you have a chance of finding yourself equal to the *latitude you do your woods-ing at. Unless you die, that can also happen.

EDIT: I fucked up my 'tudes.

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I can understand why it's popular. You get paid to to spend a day reading something you like. And if you're a fan of the work, how cool is it that you're now the voice behind it? Plus it's just great PR.

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The Canadian First Nations consider themselves nations within a civic state (similar to Quebec). "The Stoney Nation" "The Blackfoot Nation" etc. They're the nations that lived on this land first, thus they are the First Nations. I believe that's the logic behind it. Most First Nations people prefer to be referred to by their nation name as far as I can tell, eg. "I am Stoney" "I am Blackfoot" etc.

The other poster has the right explanation for the use of "aboriginal" here, it's basically become a legal term encompassing all of the pre-Colombian peoples that lived here. The Inuit do not identify as First Nations, and the Métis are a funny case, they're a group that originated in Manitoba when French voyageurs and traders started marrying local native women. The resultant "mixed-race" offspring didn't identify with either of their parents heritage and are the Métis.