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I'm sorry to say this, but you're woefully underprepared and blind to the dark realities of politics, and your answers don't sound very confident. Your answer is "trust me" and you're a politician. That's not good. People almost always assume every politician is a no good lying two-faced son of a bitch who acts one way around the voters and completely different around campaign contributors.

You are like a single grain of sand, dancing around in a sandstorm. Your answers need to be solid, you need to have everything thought out before hand. Politics are a very savage game to play, and the people who play it are known to smile for the camera and then channel Satan while off camera, and it's that off camera version of them you need to be more terrified of. When your decisions affect billion dollar industries, the people who have those vast fortunes will spend the money on lobbying to control you, or they'll spend it on assassins to either kill you or your loved ones.

The stuff you're trying to get into is exactly as brutal and crazy as a Hollywood action movie like Scarface or The Godfather, you need to have a better plan in place, otherwise you're basically applying for a job as a puppet who sells their morals for personal pleasures.

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How else do you tell someone that they're overconfidence is going to get them destroyed? This is a serious issue, and it's clear OP hasn't actually thought any of the scary details out or developed sufficient plans for counteracting them yet.

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Obviously you loathe hearing that, everybody dislikes bad news, but sometimes bad news is what you need to hear.

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You still aren't getting it. The people who are controlling the US political system right now, the corporations, they're the shadow government, and they always have been. It's not just you who they'll threaten in order to control you. Anyone you're close to will be in danger too.

You aren't an invincible person with zero fears and zero desires, in fact, odds are really good that there's already data gathered about you that shows exactly what kinds of things you like and are afraid of. All it takes to control you is threatening someone else you care about.

I'm trying to help you realize that what you're doing is the equivalent to a fly trying to push back a moving vehicle, all that's going to happen is something tragic. You really, really haven't thought this through yet, and it shows. You're not yet educated enough on US politics to realize how uneducated you are on US politics.

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Just so you know, Ted Cruz isn't actually named Ted, his real name is Raphael. Why did he hide it? Because the voting population are horribly racist and bigoted, that's why.

That being said, have you thought about getting a legal name change?

I'd also like to know how prepared you are to resist the temptations offered to you by massive international corporations. This is the absolute apex of human society we're talking about here, they have literally everything you could realistically want to offer you in exchange for control, and if they can't control you by playing nice, they'll end up trying to control you through fear. What's your plan to avoid the corruption and be different from all of the other Congressmen and Congresswomen?