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Hi Felipe! First things first, thanks for having created KSP! :D

Now on to my question: is your studio's name a reference to the system adopted in KSP to deal with floating point inaccuracies?

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I'll just add that KSP also contributed a bit in my choice of studying space engineering.

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Regarding the popularity of KSP: that game has done incredible things for making key spaceflight concepts "graspable" by a wide public.

Keeping the physics essentially "correct" and simplifying the game by scaling down the solar system instead of "cheating" with the basic physics at hand was a stroke of absolute genius which I think is key in making the game accessible to laymen without dumbing down.

This combination of "approachability" and depth significantly contributed to its success, I'm sure.

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If possible, could you provide an example of an idea that was tested internally but ultimately discarded?

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Fair enough that it's a "beginner" job, but still, the fact that OP is being paid minimum wage (no idea with what benefits, if any) makes it feasible to assume that he would be paid even less if legally possible to perform a job in which he assumes direct responsibility over the lives of others on a task that still requires quite some skill and I'm sure a very large upfront investment to obtain his license.

EDIT: thank you for yout input!