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F_D_P12 karma

Why do you think that anyone cares that you were at MIT? Isn't that just name-dropping?

Do you think the name "Make School" sounds buzzwordy?

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It's 1938 and you have your job. Do you put Hitler on the cover? Bear in mind that he's been putting people into concentration camps for 5 years already and just annexed parts of Czechoslovakia.

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What would Julia tangibly give someone over Python? Coming from C, C++ and C#.

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Yes, you are correct, but this doesn't change the fact that NGS made a deal with the devil and has no place mouthing off about earth day when they actively collaborate with the world's leading climate change denier.

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How do you respond to the accusation that Andrew Yang knew he had no chance of winning the presidency and merely used his volunteers as a tool to try to gain enough popularity for a longshot VP pick or a cabinet position? Would you apologize to those who feel used by Yang?