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The fact that I live in Canada makes my life much easier. I really think I owe my life to free and socialized health care, I can't imagine having to pay for my stays, I'd be either broke or dead.

A good hospital stay is whenever I'm not perceived as a drug seeker/junkie. A 20 year old black kid asking for heavy doses of narcotics always triggers an alarm. I've been refused care many times because of this, it sucks but there's not too much I can do about it.

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Fair? No.

But then again life isn't really fair at all, some people have it better than me and a lot of people have it worst. So I try not too think about it too much.

I might only have 15 years left, but that's enough time to build something that lasts forever.

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Yup, it really doesn't bother me anymore. I try not to get mad over things I can't control so I just let it slide.

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Don't doubt anyone in a crisis when they ask for specific medications. It's very common for someone with SCD to ask for gravol/benadryl along with their pain medication. For example, it eases the itching and nausea.

And of course they know when their medication is due and they will ask for it because they NEED it. You'd understand if you knew the amount of pain they experience.

Just try not to judge.

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I know exactly what I want to do in life. I want to build something that will outlive me and serve other people way after I am gone. I'm a developer right now and make apps/websites for other people and get paid for it. It's amazing because I get paid very well to do something I absolutely love.