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FTWinchester18 karma

Which monsters/creatures did you enjoy working the most on and are there unused creatures you want to try to work on?

Which powers/abilities do you love making the effects the most? And good job on the recent powers and portal CGI, by the way. Hope we see more of your work in the future episodes!

FTWinchester11 karma

I liked that we finally had a proper gigantic monster! It was about time. Yokoth and Glythur were great, too. Hope to see more of these non humanoid creatures in the future.

FTWinchester5 karma

I love the eye glow scenes when they interact with the environment (i.e., Lucifer while in the dark, and Jack when he was recently born and sitting in the corner of a dark room). When Asmodeus was about to capture Lucifer and Castiel, I like how his eyes’ glow also lit his lower eyelids/cheek red somehow.