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Less sunlight hours so they're only open from 10-11, not 7-11


Hi Phil,

At what point would 500/200 and 1000/4000 plans become viable for ABB?

Not in a "It's viable if we just charge you the $15k per month to cover the CVC completely" way.. We know that you needed the 10G links and at least 1gbps of CVC at the POI to be in place to offer 250mbps.

Second question - what percentage of users are you seeing opt-out of CGNAT?

Also congrats on the major upgrade announcement, very happy 18m+ customer here on FTTP. Keep up the good attitude and don't go selling out to a UK satellite company any time soon, hey?


Maybe save a 500 announcement for a slow news day, everyone who knows what they're looking at knows it's going to be insanely expensive just based on the sheer cost of it for the provider.

I think the next best offering you could do is a 200/200 service that includes unshaped uploads as standard at the same prices as the 250/100 plans, maybe call it the "backup plan!" or something...



Keep an eye on the vacancies on their site and apply for jobs mate