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Who else read this in Anthony Hopkins voice? haha

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For someone that has always been interested in Glass Blowing, where would you suggest one starts?

How long have you been training dogs for service, and what is the hardest part about that would you say?

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To start I'd probably look at picking it up as a hobby to know I'll like it. I've always wanted to find something I could pour my artistic soul into and nothing has ever stuck. I've tried so many different things but Glassblowing has been on my list to try for years now. I'll check out those videos thank you!

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Awesome thank you for the help! It's very interesting the capacity that animals can have for things like service. From the video it looks like you're doing a great job keep it up!

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Is there any hopes at all for housing in California to ever become affordable?

It seems like everywhere I look, high rises are being built with exuberant rent prices trying to force all of the low income families out. Its disgusting how little our Californian government cares about it's people.