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Yup exactly. We filed for our patent way before we have a working prototype.

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I literally sat here for like 5 mins trying to figure out what the hell kind of smart ass comment you were trying to make. ahha. I am glad to know it had nothing to do with mouthguards any more. lol

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Yes you could and there is currently a product out there that does something very similar. However, it's one time use. Additionally, the outside of the helmet doesn't correlate well to the center of gravity of the brain [which is what we are truly trying to measure]. Also, it would mean non-helmeted sports would not have an effective solution. You also get into the problem of dropping your helmet on accident and it going off, not noticing the sticker changed colors, and not being able to tell the difference from an indication that was slightly over the threshold or 300% over the threshold.

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Keyboard warriors always have opinions about sports they have never played.

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We are going to produce the FITGuard first, which will focus on measuring cranial acceleration. This is different than other devices because the sensors for measuring acceleration are inside of the skull as opposed to outside the body. Additionally mouthguards can be used in pretty much any sport and are not proprietary for a specific one, like a helmet. As a former Rugby player the devices will be build and geared with that in mind. However, the easiest may be America Football when we sell in the US.