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I gotta say Avengers: Endgame is pretty up there but one of the first times I went to the movies in my life was to go see Tim Burton's original Batman. I was five at the time and my dad has always been this big movie fan so he took me with him.

That had an impact on me.

I hated the latest Fantastic Four, that one was painful to watch... X-Men Last Stand and Justice League are also up there as most hated films too.

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She has a proper name... I just choose to keep it to myself :D

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Definitely continue working on The Few and Cursed in other arcs. I have at least three more stories to tell in this universe but something tells me Fabiano and I will go a lot further than that.

I'm also prepping a spin-off graphic novel revolving around a character created specifically for the board game: Postwoman LaVerne.

Not sure if you also asked what's next outside TFAC but I'm currently working on another graphic novel as well with a Hollywood creative exec that I've become a huge fan of. He developed the story and outline, I'm scripting and editing and artist Bräo is doing the art. Expect to see it on Kickstarter soon!

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I have a couple of films and a bunch of comics. Among my favorite films of all time are the original Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Goonies. See a pattern there?

More than be inspired by specific films or comic books I'm inspired by professionals and in this case Steven Spielberg. Later on I also really got into Lord of the Rings too, I read all three of them during my junior in high school and flunked Math because I read them in class sitting in the far back (the Jurassic Park novel is also a favorite).

As far as comics I grew up on Marvel and DC and aside from Batman I was a huge X-Men fan as well. The comic that got me was X-Tinction Agenda Part 6 (loved it and had to go back to read them all!)

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When I approached Fabiano Neves to do a comic book together he asked me to write him a Western. I then drew inspiration from films like Shane or The Man With No Name. For the character I knew I wanted a female protagonist because you don't see a lot of women taking center stage in westerns and then I remembered of a film by Sam Raimi featuring Sharon Stone: The Quick and the Dead.

The disappearance of water was my McGuffin to explain the supernatural in this world I was creating and it came directly from this very serious drought that my hometown São Paulo in Brazil was going through. We only had water for a few hours of the day and that definitely influenced me.