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I don't have a question, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a story you did when you were in Philadelphia.

It was Thanksgiving night, 2000. A group of families were returning from China with their newly adopted daughters, and you were there to cover the event. You interviewed our family, and we ended up making onto the 11:00 news. We were lucky enough to have some family members watching who recorded it for us, and to this day my family still watches that story every Thanksgiving.

Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the story, and for giving us a lifelong memory and tradition.

Keep up the good work.

UPDATE: Video of the news story. Sorry about the quality, it's a copy of a VHS of a copy of a VHS that was transferred to DVD then to my computer.

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My daughter is a very precocious 11 :) She starts middle school in the fall and is into so many activities, she's like the mayor of our town. She has such a zest for life, we're very lucky to have her in our lives.

We still keep in touch with a few of the other families and get together once a year to celebrate Chinese New Year. Everyone's doing great! It's amazing to see these girls interact with one another like sisters.

We had such a good experience with her we adopted a little boy from South Korea a few years later. You can imagine our disappointment when you weren't at Newark airport to greet him coming off the plane ;) He's kind of bummed he didn't get on the news.

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