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Eisenhower knew that people would try to deny it, so he made a point of securing as much evidence as possible (photo, video, tours)

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Because the prosecution didn't admit it to evidence until after the defense's part of the trial started, in an attempt to trick the defense. It didn't work, and it was then too late to have the tape admitted.

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"European-style socialism" isn't socialism. Americans look at European social democracy and think that because it's more regulated and generous than the US, it's socialism.

It isn't. Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc all have market capitalist economies and social democrat political systems.

Bernie Sanders is one of those people. There is no "Democratic Socialism" in Europe. How he describes it is nothing like the actual definition at all.

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It's a fault of nearly any strongly authoritarian government, of which communism is one of many

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It would have been an uphill battle even without that fuckup. It's very unlikely it would have gotten a prosecution. Maaaaaybe a hung jury.

It did set them back, though.