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I'm aware that you spent approximately three and a half years in prison. How were you treated by the other inmates that were aware of your past?

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What was the most distressing aspect of your job? Did you ever have to operate on someone who clearly wasn't going to make it? What was it like seeing people you know injured?

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How much was the surgery? Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I'm used to the NHS which provides free healthcare, so having to resort to such measures to pay for a surgery appears to be shocking! Thanks for your time.

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I am not a US citizen, but aren't the ordeals you experienced illegal? Would it not be possible to take legal action against the program, in order to raise awareness of the abuse, as well as to receive compensation? Thank you for your time.

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How typical was your experience as a medic? Do you know any horror stories your colleagues have experienced? Thanks for your service and answer BTW!