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I learned many years ago never to criticize, only compliment. -/u/ThisIsMarthaStewart

I'm onto you, Martha...

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Why is OP banned?

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Fun fact, she now works as a corporate trainer for Mellow Mushroom! A few friends met her in person lol

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Yeah I've been trying to watch the Rooster Teeth dnd show, heroes and halfwits, and it just feels too... Raw? To be watchable. The episodes are really long and don't always feel like they are going anywhere. I feel like it's really hard to strike a good balance of fun to watch vs staying true to the format which makes the comedic success of season 1 of Harmonquest all the more impressive.

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He's running as a Republican trying to get power to enact change he wants to see in the world. If you think a candidate can run and win a campaign while disavowing and insulting his parties candidate, you have very little understanding of how politics or the world works.