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So everyone is running the ultra? Is anyone under the influence of any of these substances for the run?

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So I was supposed to go away next week for a small group and do a ceremony with ayahuasca, was really looking forward to it but I was told by the technician that as I take a low dose of lexepro for anxiety that I could not participate. She suggested that I stay off of the medication for a month before trying this. What are your thoughts?

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Well I have the advantage of starting this in my forties, I have tried to get my sixteen year old daughter to read the Art of Communication to try and get her to quiet her mind and take some time away from her iPhone and being connected. Just left Sundance and spent stayed with a legit hip hop star and he and his wife are working on TM. You work really hard and then you start to wonder why, divorce, stress etc... and you look around out how messed up everyone is so you try and find something that makes sense....

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Hey man try reading a book from Thich Nhat Hanh, really great for getting your mind to quiet down.