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After all the atomic bombs we blasted in our atmosphere it's really easy to figure out what is antique and what is modern.

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How did you manage the translations by the users? Which service did you use?

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So you are saying he should instead exploit the native-born citizens instead?

Wouldn't generating work (regardless of who he hires) take a burden off the state? I mean, there would be a whole bunch of people that won't be depending on governmental aids thanks to this.

He could have chosen to go to a more economically beneficial country (China) to set shop but he deliberately chose a country which is in crisis to try and help.

But hey, this tiny business won't solve a whole country's economical crisis, so we should booo them for trying from behind our desks in our basements using a fake name, right?

You should start a new branch of Buddhism with your world changing views, perhaps if you get enough followers they'll do what you preach and fix the world (because clearly you aren't going to do it yourself).