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Interrogation 101: It's what they don't say that is the most important information.

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Can you give us a quick breakdown of the major oligarchs and their general associations/industries their money comes from?

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Mr. Auman,

I am not a citizen of Alabama, but the opiod crisis took my mother to an early grave.

She died when I was 25, the same age you are now, in 2015.

She is never coming back. She died at 58 years old, and never will meet any grandkids. Nor will they know her.

Why? Because she trusted her doctor.

I hope you come up with a good solution to push and win this race. But even if you don't, that you give others a good platform to run on. This is the start of a long fight that we need to fight for decades. You can lose this race 5 times, and it will only be 1/5th of the fight.

Good luck, brother. Good luck to you. This battle will always be worth it.

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How can we best protect the internet for the next 30 years from malicious actors, both governmental and non-governmental?

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Hi Sarah,

Been listening to the Weeds since it started.

I'm an American living in Japan which I believe is a multi-payer system. You can get 国民保険 (national, indepedent health insurance) or 社会保険 (employer-sponsered health insurance) here if employed full time.

You probably know specifics better than me, but in the former I think the premise is you pay a large share, and the government pays a large share of health ins costs.

In the latter, I believe you pay a small share, your company pays a small share, and the government pays a large share.

What is your opinion of multi-payer systems? Could it work in America? What do you think of societal outcomes of multipayer systems?

I feel like this is a system that would work well in the United States. It makes your costs lower if employed but still covers everyone. Private insurance still exists for the wealthy. Your company is interested in your health being good since they have to pay part of it.

I can translate and send you some ER bills if you want.