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Speaking of hair...since you don't have to bleach, your hair could probably take any color really well! What colors would you like to try, if you were to dye it?

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Look into scholarships! One school offered me $5K just for having completed the silver award, it went up to $10K for the gold award.

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I made it to my silver award and then dropped out, so major props to you for making it to the end.

My questions: what kind of college scholarships are you being offered? And where do you want your career to go? Your gold award project sounds seriously awesome.

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That's a lot when you budget for every single penny of your income.

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My boyfriend is a manager (and now part-owner) of a board game store/clubhouse type place. He puts a lot of effort into making his store a good place for people to spend time. What's the most important thing he and his co-owners need to know about maintaining their business and customer relations?