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Evil_Bonsai105 karma

Oh, GEEEZ. How do you even handle something like that? Not the cock in the sock, but gettin' wood while workin'... "Er, sorry 'bout that, but you're kinda hot and I can't really control that...so. See any good movies lately?"

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This, please. Was hoping to see more of the cellar in the extra features. There was some, but was wanting to see all there was. That basement is awesome.

Evil_Bonsai36 karma

I've read the books. Yup.

Evil_Bonsai9 karma

To each their own. I love abstract art. Usually prefer it.

Evil_Bonsai6 karma

Eh, depends. My current DH is extremely hot. Previous one, not so much. I'd ask her out but she's seen my tonsils up close and personal-like. I don't think it'll work out.