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What's your favorite piece of Reddit history? ex. Today you tomorrow me, cumbox, or any significant thread

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I mean, it’s important to recognize the origin of both Pastafarianism and satanism. Both were meant to challenge laws that elevate religious privileges over non-bias and scientific reason.

A school board said that they would teach creationism with the same validity as evolution because all theories hold the same weight. That’s why it was made, as a pasta based god designing life should this be just as valid as God designing life right? Likewise, Satanism challenges when governments decide to put the Ten Commandments outside of courthouses when that’s such a violation of church and state.

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I wonder if a movie director will make a horror movie about this, and replace farm animals with humans to make it more relatable

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Hi Jean. I have hear great things about your music and heard a little bit of your work through features. I would love to get into your music, but I have no idea where to start. any songs or albums of yours you think would be a good place to start?

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Dude, I loved your latest album so much and put it as one of my favorites this year. Thank you for the good music!

My question is: What newer artist would someone be surprised you’re a big fan of?