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Awesome that you all are doing this. Best part of that Sixgill video was how genuinely happy the team looked.
Can/do you live stream these submarine missions? How did you choose where to drop in and go on the submarine?

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Interesting, much appreciated for the response! You mention a new ship. What is next (or currently going on) for OceanX?
The manned submersibles.. How custom are they? How deep do they go and how deep have you all brought them? Are you nervous being down that far? Is there a cameraman/woman or it a few cameras set up prior? If it is a person filming is it a shark expert or someone who doesn't know what they got themselves into?

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What year will nature films peak in? What point will the decline in untouched nature surpass the importance of improvements in technology?

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Mission OceanX (working title)

OperOceanX feels a bit bulky. Indian OceanX (if you plan on doing the others). The more I look at my ideas, the more I like "Mission OceanX".
Thanks again for taking the time to do an AMA and keep up the incredible work!

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Have you ever been on the sub r/AquaticAsFuck?