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Euro-Canuck94 karma

Is my Beagle just using me for my food and chewy supply?

Euro-Canuck12 karma

but mostly the food right hahaha

Euro-Canuck5 karma

our beagle has a spot between 2 couches in a corner where she goes when shes being scolded, if shes been out of sight and then suddenly runs to this area we know she was doing something bad and we go to find out what it was she did, always something... she knows what she did was not allowed

Euro-Canuck1 karma

i am far from a expert on the situation, what are your thoughts on the overall deal to hand over hong kong to china?mostly the change of governance coming.. i know its officially many years off but i cant understand how the population would allow democracy/freedom to just be taken away.do you think china will even wait until 2047 to just take full control?