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EulerANDBernoulli9 karma

Dr. Kang,

Congratulations on your success. Could you explain how far you have come with the vaccine, and how much more needs to be done until it can be used on humans?

EulerANDBernoulli7 karma

Why chemistry and not mathematics or physics, like most young geniuses?

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Hey Doc,

I am an applied math student, and a lot of my friends in math and physics are doing work in neuroscience. Is there a lot of math and modelling in the discipline?

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Hmm, I know 2/3 of those languages. My school has a very good Neuroscience department (Brain and Mind Institute in Southwestern Ontario). Maybe I will look into doing another M.Sc or Ph.D

EulerANDBernoulli1 karma

Have you ever read the novella Animal Farm? Orwell wrote it as a critique of the soviet revolution, and wrote characters to mirror Trotsky and Stalin.

Anyway, if you have read it, what did you think of it? How close was Orwell's depiction of the farm to life in the Soviet Union.