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HELP https://imgur.com/a/dETni This is a picture of an email i received after accidentally clicking a harmful link back in 2014, as you can clearly see jagex account guardian clearly secured my rs3 account. Problem was oldschool runescape at that time had no account protection available so it was vulnerable, needless to say the hijacker accessed it and used it to farm gold. I then received a permanent ban for this despite getting the account back into my control asap. Now i've tried many times to get these seen, yet had no support. I've moved on and made a new account now, but i still want this one back as i still think this ban was entirely unfair. My question is, can you help me with this problem please?

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Thanks for the response, i have tried. This isn't about the account for me anymore, i generally think there is a flaw here. Is it possible the ban result could be down to me allowing it to get hacked in the first place?