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It looks absolutely bloody fantastic so far, but I have reservations -- mainly, I've found that many/most modern multi-platform games seem to have a control scheme designed for a controller, with PC/keyboard controls slapped together as an afterthought (ie, Mass Effect 3, where one button did five different things, or Bioshock where certain keyboard keys were "reserved" for no reason).

Is this something that people who get the PC version instead of the console version will need to be concerned with/aware of?

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EternalNewGuy1 karma

As someone recently tasked with porting a desktop app to mobile, I have to preface this by saying I want to stab my UI/UX team. All they keep saying is 'the header (or some other part) is too complex, make it simpler'.

The header is three damn buttons across the top that say exactly what they do, to match the functions from the desktop app. It's as damn simple as it can get.

Is there anything I can show them or say to them to explain that at a certain point, we go from actual useful functionality to Fisher-Price 'my-first-app' land, and it's a matter of user education on how to use the app rather than constantly 'making it simpler'?