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The gender ideologues seem to get away with the default claim (if not in every court case, yet get away with it in propagandized public perception) that every time a woman murders a make sexual partner the woman's violence is ALWAYS defensive.

QUESTION: Do you agree that educating the public on the subject of women who murder male sexual partners sequentially ("black widow serial killers") would help to break the spell of the gender ideology propaganda?

Here is a collection of 150 - mostly known or poorly known cases:

Black Widow Serial Killers http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/2011/09/black-widow-serial-killers.html

Another, related bit of ignored info on violence by women that, in my view ought to be dicussed in order to break the spell of gender ideology:

Female Serial Killers of the 21st Century http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/2012/11/female-serial-killers-of-21st-century.html

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In my opinion, based on decades of dealing with influential feminist intellectuals, the feminists already take men's issues seriously and want to make sure they are all dealt with (controlled) by feminists in accordance with their belief system (which is based on the fallacy of fundamentalist social construction and other questionable or wholly inaccurate ideological assumptions). A senior international feminist (founder of an entire area of women's studies), Whom I frequently met with socially and professionally, once told me that she is now sorry for what she started. She regards the current feminism as an irrational hate movement. Asking permission or cooperation is a lousy idea (for many reasons).

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It is almost like the idea of meeting an African American male (in the 1870s South) or a Jew (in 1930s Germany). This irrational bias, this fear-creation, is the accomplishment of billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars going into the funding of an arcane unworkable ideology that is lost in its own footnotes (and linked to a whole string of fallacies and bad historical data).

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Feminism is progressive. Study the Dewey/Rockefeller/Columbia University Teachers College for an understanding of what "Progressive" means. It is about social control. Even if one likes this approach it is still necessary to know the reality that stands behing the term "progressive." By the way, the German National Socialist Workers Party and Mussoloini's party were -- before things got rocky, as it were -- lauded in the USA as "progressive" by Progressives -- and this was perfectly logical.

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Regarding SPLC: Why not end the "wonder" and spend time studying the SPLC and find out what their ideology and agenda is. Look up Trentadue and "Elohim City" and you can dip your toe in. The SPLC is a deep rabbit hole indeed.