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I don’t think you got an answer for that latter question, but the last reported mortality I saw for it was 3%.

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I’ll add this as I was just corrected elsewhere - 3% is where we are currently at, but because the virus is more easily transmissible than the flu (around 2x as much, afawk) that 3% number isn’t stable and we’re basically gonna have to see how bad it all gets before it stabilizes.

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What's the best/worst excuse that someone has given you for failing to comply with probation that landed them back in jail?

Have there been any really sad cases you've dealt with that you felt the person totally got screwed, but you had to enforce the conditions of the probation/parole anyway?

Thanks for the AMA, you officers are really spread too thin!

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You guys are great! A Maker Manifesto for all! I'm tired of the consumption based, throwaway society we have today. We need to get corporations to relinquish this tight-fisted control over everything they manufacture for "sale" (quotes to indicate that they say "sold", even though the consumer often own much of what was purchased) that encourages, no - demands, that merchandise gets thrown away and replaced new to maximize profits.

What do you see as the best avenue, personally and as citizens, to encourage people, the government, and companies to pursue the ability to repair our merchandise?

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Congratulations on a successful career, sir. Who did you fly for and on what equipment did you retire?