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We migrated to the Netherlands after my dad was wounded. Together with a lot of other Bosnians and Croats. We have honestly built ourselves very good lives here. My parents and I regularly visit Bosnia and Croatia with no problems. Most Bosnians I know are like that as well.

But of course not all of them are. Some are still traumatised. Heavily.

Edit: lmao how can you downvote a genuine comment explaining his side of a complicated situation.

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Hmmm as a Bosnian myself with a father that was also drafted (and wounded) and family that has lost many loved ones I’m just gonna say that op comes of as very resentful against Serbians and provides tons of misinformation.

Of course many people may still be traumatised but it really isn’t as bad as op describes. I can’t even remember when they talked last about the war or were disturbed by it. It seems like they’ve healed and most as well.

Granted I’m 5 years younger than op.

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As a Bosnian myself I don’t feel offended by it. It does show me how easily people can be manipulated by propaganda which makes me scared for the future of the world in general.