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For something that happened 10 years ago? I'll tell him to get right on that....

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My partner sustained a minor neck injury in his earlier years, and never got it checked out. I know massaging his neck and upper shoulders helps him feel better, but I feel like my technique is super poor. I just tried your suggestion (to make a fist), and honestly my thumb is too short for it to work.

What else can I try?

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There must be. An ER doc here would hardly be able to stop himself from rolling his eyes if someone came in complaining of neck pains from a minor injury sustained over a decade ago. The pains are not constant, and I have no reason for concern. He's since been seen for migraines (these started pre-injury), and while of course the MRI only include the uppermost cervical vertebrae, there are no remarkable abnormalities in his brain, brain stem, or upper vertebrae. I realize that it's possible that the damage may have occurred lower than that, but I really am doubtful that it is anything other than muscle strain.

Also, I'm using partner rather loosely. We're not dating or married.

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I come from a small town too (<800 people) so I know that this is going to be incredibly hard on you. With the nursing home damaged and the fertilizer storage/production leveled, do you think West will be able to survive as a town? Or will people move away to Waco and other surrounding communities? Any word on government aid for relocation and clean up?

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How's the lab camaraderie? I know BSL-4 is light years away from BSL-2 or non BSL labs, but surely it still plays a role in your work life.