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What about sodium sulfur batteries? With Lithium being on the rare-ish side of things, have those made any progress in the past couple of years? I vaguely remember there was work on making them viable at much lower temperatures but have since lost track.

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It will be good to see science fiction back on the channel so congrats and good luck on that. My question is: are there plans in the future to offer online subscriptions to non-cable viewers?

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A better example would be to ask how a libertarian government deal with the recent recalls with e coli found in beef (23000 lbs worth). No hypothetical just straight forward, what is the plan. Most of these recalls are found because of regulations requiring testing so bar that and how these companies already don't like to to testing (look how much pushback there was during the mad cow epidemic) so without a third party to force them how would they go about it.

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You know it's great that you can do this type of in-depth reporting on foreign matters but for the love of Murrow, why can't CNN spend the same time and effort in investigating and reporting on national matters?

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Why is it that in all discussion of how to reform tuition costs it's always a focus on students and professors but not at the huge elephant in the room that is the exploding Administration cost and salaries?