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Eros_Narcissus21 karma

Hey Paul, great job so far :) My question:

Considering the fact that FlyingDebris is doing full redesigns of every chassis being included in MWO, would you please address the possibility of unseen/reseen designs? To most of us, it seems as if his work would preclude any legal problems from arising, though we would certainly understand if it were not something PGI wanted to risk. I think the fanbase would be incredibly appreciative of a simple nod in one direction or another.

Eros_Narcissus17 karma

A lack of proper matchmaking is precisely why someone might be concerned about Founders time.

Eros_Narcissus4 karma

Because the schedule has slipped somewhat from the original plans(and who can blame you?), and the fact that we are operating on a one-day-in-real-life-equals-one-day-in-the-BTU system, and the canon established date for the clan invasion is approaching, is it possible that there may be a date rollback to allow us to play with community warfare in an IS setting before the clan invasion starts?

Eros_Narcissus3 karma

Is it conceivable that we could have a choice in which female computer voice we hear as Bitchin' Betty? Seems like an easy cosmetic item you could charge MC for.