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We're prototyping to see what works. We'll announce something if we have something.

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We plan to support both the PS3 and PS4 for as long as the community plays it.

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Answered this below.

We definitely feel your pain and I've run into this issue myself many times. We've looked into this problem a lot and it's not actually a priority problem - if you have a downed teammate in front of you and an enemy who can be shivved, the shiv prompt does take priority.

The problem is that players run in spamming triangle so they can get their shiv as quickly as possible, and the range on a revive, execution, or lockbox is large enough that the player gets that before moving inside the shiv cone.

The proper fix for this is to use a different controller input for Shivs, which is doable but because these prompts are all handled in code it requires some tech time which we don't have at this point. It's definitely still on our wish-list to fix however.

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The number of players on PS4 will be the same. During the development of The Last of Us MP we experimented with more players and we felt it had a negative effect on the game - it made reviving less important, the pace was too fast, stealth was harder, etc.

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Thanks, glad you like the game.

Our influences were pretty varied - primarily of course it was the single player game, which gave us the world, tone, and game mechanics that we had to work with. In terms of other MP games, Gears of War 1 was a favorite of our game director.

In terms of getting options in Private matches, it's something we certainly wanted to add but didn't have time for. We don't have any plans to add it at this time.