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Erikkoes2 karma

Hi Cristen, Im 17 years old, and a year ago, I fell through a window, and the glass cut my arm really bad. Ive had surgery with 13 stitches, and im left with a fully functional(thank god) arm and a pretty big ugly scar. Ever since this happened, ive been having these intrusive thoughts. Whenever im going about my day, i would suddenly think: Im gonna slip and break my neck, or i would be carrying scissors and id suddenly think i would cut someone, or myself. Whenever i get thoughts like this, id always snap back out of it pretty quick. Im never scared of it, or scared it would actually happen, i just think its not really normal to be still having them, 16 months after the fact.

Now for my question, Have you seen or heard of anything like this? What would be the steps to take next? Have you any idea how to stop having these thoughts? Thanks for taking your time to do this AMA, best of luck to ya!